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7 Steps Of The Ultimate Plumber Marketing Guide To Increase Sales

The Ultimate Plumber Marketing Guide To Increase Sales

In today’s world, a successful plumbing business needs a strong online presence. No matter whether you are new to the plumbing business or have been working for years as an expert, you still need to establish a strong online presence for your business to maintain a constant flow of leads and jobs.

Being in the plumbing business, you surely understand how important it is to attract a high number of customers to your business so that you can generate maximum and continuous  revenue for your business.

To compete with your competitors, you must develop an effective marketing strategy for your plumbing business. Therefore, you should plan and create a strategy to create and implement internet marketing for plumbers to outrank your competitors.

It’s important to know that digital marketing for plumbers doesn’t work the same way for everyone. However, in this post, there are many useful tips from which you can make your plumbing business skyrocketing.

What Is Plumber Marketing Strategy And Why It Is Important?

A plumbing marketing strategy is used to display your plumbing business to a large audience. In addition to helping you to make a strong online presence, marketing strategies also enable you to stand out from others and establish your own identity.

Marketing your business is not an easy thing nowadays because of the high competition in the market. Running an online business is much more for than just having a website. For a website to be effective, continuous engagement with the audience is also crucial to winning their trust.

In the past, the strong online presence of businesses was not considered important as people were not active on social media and were not big internet users. But now whenever someone needs plumbing services, he or she searches the internet first before contacting them. Although word of mouth is really important, but so is good online engagement. Let your future customers know that you are friendly and knowledgeable.

The Ultimate Plumber Marketing Guide To Increase Sales

The Ultimate Plumber Marketing Guide

The following guide will show you how to market your plumbing business to get qualified leads and increase sales

1.  Create an Optimized Plumbing Website

To create a successful online plumbing business, the first step is to create an optimized website that can increase your online visibility. Building a website has become easier, but you need to make sure you cover these topics when building your website.

  • Mobile-friendly website design with fast loading speed
  • Optimized blog content with relevant topics
  • User-friendly website, easy to navigate with a professional layout
  • Lead generation forms that drive prospects to request more information
  • Avoid stock images. Using real images of your trucks and plumbers will help your conversion rate.

Aside from this, your site should also have the following things.

  • All your services must be listed on your website
  • Information about your experienced staff and their previous work experience
  • Your satisfied client’s testimonials
  • Your complete contact information, including your business address.

2. Optimize Your Site With SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website so that it ranks high in search engines and receives more visibility.

People mostly use Google to research their best local plumber before calling anyone, whether it’s a small kitchen sink clog or repiping an entire house. Your customer is going online to find your plumbing company. And with mobile phones being so popular you want to make sure you use click to call buttons on your mobile site, so your customers don’t need type your phone number to call you. People have become much more sophisticated online, so you need an online marketing company you can lean on to guide you down the right path.

SEO experts help get your website on the top spots of search engines by using SEO strategies. The SEO strategies are not as easy as it seems and there are many things you need to know about SEO so you avoid having your website penalized by Google.

When you are first starting out with SEO we recommend you target smaller cities in your area. For example, plumbing Los Angeles gets a lot of monthly searches but is very completive, you most likely won’t rank on the first page of Google your first year. Much better to target smaller cities around Los Angeles like Burbank, Glendale and North Hollywood to name a few.

Keyword Research Related to Your Plumbing Company

The most important thing to rank your plumbing business online is keyword research. Through keyword research, you can identify plumbing-related search terms that people use to search plumbers and plumbing businesses.

If your site ranks for the right keywords related to your business in search engines, it will appear at the top when people type those keywords into the search engines.

Also, with the right SEO strategies, you will know which type of keywords you should choose and at what time. However, for a starting businesses you should always use long-tail keywords with high search volume and low keyword difficulty.

High-Quality Blog Content

After keyword research, the next SEO strategy is to write high-quality blog content on plumbing-related search terms. A high-quality content will give a positive signal to the search engines (Google) related to your online presence and business so that it can trust your site to respond to user queries and needs.

As an example, if someone types in a query on how to fix a water pipe issue, your high-quality blog will be an excellent resource and guide for that query. A reader who enjoys your blog content will visit your website and read about the services you offer, which can lead to more business for your company.

Google My Business Listing (GMB) (Local SEO)

With a Google My Business profile, people can find your business when they search for similar products and services in their area. Listing your business in the yellow pages no longer has the same business impact it once did. Having a GMB is a must for any plumbing company big or small.

On Google Maps, the coveted local pack consists of the top three plumbing businesses.

So there’s a lot of room for you to rank. To offer the best user experience, Google constantly updates its algorithms to accommodate new search trends and gives a chance to new businesses to get visibility.

All you need to provide is the Right NAP (Name, Address & Phone), citations, which includes the name of your business, address, and phone number. However, depending on the directory or platform, you can add a website link, business description, photos, and more.

Through these citations about your business, local consumers can find out where you are located and what your business is all about. Be sure to keep your information up-to-date to avoid missing any opportunity that comes your way.

By following these optimizations, your business can rank higher in local search results

  • Increasing your NAP’s visibility on external sites.
  • Make sure your citations are accurate
  • Add the maximum amount of supporting details as possible

Get Quality Backlinks

Backlinks help you to get organic rankings for your plumbing business. It’s one of the best ways to rank organically in search engines. Now, after so many updates, the google algorithm prefers quality backlinks over quantity.

So make sure to have good backlinks for your plumbing site to increase your website’s authority and get new clients. Also, it is important to have relevant site backlinks while creating new backlinks.

Creating quality content is the most effective method of getting backlinks. You can utilize your content by posting it on other relevant websites and getting links. Through this strategy, you will be able to target more of your customers.

3. Generate Qualified Leads Through PPC Campaigns

Your business growth cannot be driven solely by your existing customers, so you need to generate more leads that will eventually turn into customers continuously. You can count PPC campaigns as one of the best-paid marketing solutions for your plumbing business.

PPC campaigns offer a variety of benefits.

  • Most people are unaware that Pay-Per-Click advertising is a cost-effective way to generate qualified leads for your company. It only costs you when a prospect customer clicks on your ad.
  • PPC campaigns offer the advantage of targeting people who are already interested in your plumbing services, which result in more qualified leads for your business.
  • PPC campaigns are totally customizable, and you can decide how much budget you want to put into your campaigns and when you want them to run or turned off. This way, you can create an effective marketing campaign for your plumbing services based on your target needs.

4. Testimonials

In an online plumbing business, past customers can heavily impact the strength of your marketing efforts by leaving positive feedback and sharing what they love about your services. Studies have shown that customer testimonials can increase a business’ revenue by 62 percent, which can skyrocket your business.

Nowadays, people don’t have much time to browse your website completely before deciding if you are the right company for their need. Consequently, 90% of people made their hiring decision based on the reviews left by your previous customers.

You can start the process of getting reviews by asking your clients about their experience with your services and can ask what things they liked about you through personalized emails. Also, be diplomatic in your answers when responding to negative reviews.

5. Create A Lasting Impression

Leave something of value with your customer, maybe it’s a sticker they can put on their water heater that provides instructions in case of an emergency or a coupon for 15% of their next plumbing service. It can be anything you believe offers your customer value that will make them think about you next time they have a plumbing emergency.

6. Email Marketing

Marketing via email is another great way to gain customer loyalty. Increase your customer engagement and create brand awareness. Your plumbing website is a good place to start collecting emails for your business. Send an email once every 3 months so your customers don’t feel like they are being spammed but at the same time you are still building customer loyalty.

You can use email pop-up techniques to attract them. The other idea is to place the sign-up form where they can easily find it, as the sign-up option should be located in the header or footer.

7. Social Media Advertisement

No doubt that you cannot run a successful online business without social media advertisement. Social media apps are becoming increasingly popular, like Facebook and Instagram, which gives businesses a way to target their customers and generate more leads.

But most plumbing businesses wonder how to utilize these platforms to get leads. A plumbing business can take advantage of social media through engaging posts, images, and videos that are relevant to the business and quite attractive and interesting to catch attention.

In addition, you can create a quick short question answer section for people to assist them with small plumbing issues which they can fix by themselves. Ultimately, these things will increase awareness and build a loyal community on your social networks, making you look trustworthy.

Any small plumbing company should not start with a large social media budget more than $500 to $1,000 per month is enough. You can use these ads to target the high-intent social users for your plumbing services and drive relevant leads by regularly increasing your visibility with your local customers.

Final Plumbing Online Marketing Recommendation

Start with Google my business (Google Maps) and then hire someone to build your Google ads campaign, make sure you have conversion tracking in place as well as call analytics. Paid search (PPC Services) is built for businesses that are marathon runners, the businesses who are sprinters don’t last long in the PPC game. Make sure you have a six month paid search plan before starting any PPC service.

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